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Young People

There are various events for the children during the course of the year. These events are tailored to guide them in the christian way as well as keep them busy and of course, let them have fun.


Some of the events include:



Car Wash Fund Raiser

 Following the success of the 2013 Car Wash Fund Raiser, a repeat of the programme is proposed in 2014 to assist the Youth Sub-Committee generate funding to augment funding from the Church. This programme is expected to hold in the 1st quarter of the year.



 Cocktail/networking with established professionals in the Cathedral

 This programme is designed to afford the older youth-folk the opportunity to mingle and interact with the crème of the Cathedral professionals and giant of industries in a relaxed atmosphere. It also promises possibilities for networking, cross-pollinating and exchange of ideas.


The expected date is between March and April



 Youth Fair / Exhibition

 The aim of this programme is to enable young people in the Cathedral showcase their skills and wares in an exhibition-type setting. Vendors will be required to pay an exhibition fee in order to participate.



Youth Weekend

 Friday - Priase Night

A Saturday of drama – A drama group will perform in the Cathedral on building relationships.

Thanksgiving in Church on Sunday.



Quarterly Vigils

 This is an all night event held quarterly on a Friday night entailing praise and worship, testimonies, prayers and an exhortation usually by an invited preacher.



Youth Retreat

 The overall goal of the Youth Weekend Retreat is to provide a memorable and beneficial spiritual experience for participating Cathedral Youths.


The objectives and strategy for achieving these are listed below:


Rest, Relaxation & Fun (2-day weekend at a recreational facility)

Spiritual growth (Spiritual program directed by Dioceses Youth Chaplain & Delegate)

Relationship Building (Bon-Fire Night, Team games & activities)

Leadership development (Roles & Responsibilities for organizing team)