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The Tower Clock

The New Tower of the Cathedral was completed in 1939 and dedicated by the Bishop Melville Jones along with the third sections of the cathedral. It's a five storey and houses a bigger Clock with Modern Mechanisms.




The Outside Clock Face

Foundon the outerwalls of the Tower, facing the North, South and Western parts of the Marina. Unlike the first clock the church had, which originally had a dial marked in Roman Numerals,the New Clock's face appears to be more modern with Bars indicating the hours -not Numbers.



The Inside Clock Face

Found on the inside part of the Tower's third Floor. Its looks much different from that of the former Clock the church had. It is much bigger and modern.



The Clock Mechanism

The original mechanism of the former clock was wildly inaccurate by modern standards, losing or gaining up to 10 minutes per day. The new clock mechanism looks much smaller and modern and most suprisingly, does not possess the big Gears and Machine parts that most cathedral Tower Clocks abroad possess. The New Clock's mechanism is also linked to a ring of Eight Bells on the last floor of the Cathedral's Tower to strike the hours, so that the time can be heard throughout the suburb of the Marina.