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The Tower

The history of the Cathedral Church of Christ's Tower Clock dates back to 1869 when the church was still a parish church. The First Tower of the church was completed by the Colonial Government and was dedicated along with the first building -the then Christ's Parish Church which had just leftits Faji site for Ehingbeti in 1969 by the Bishop Ajayi Crowther.


The Tower had a Clock with Roman Numerals and only One Bell which rang out the hours and it was donated and maintained by the Colonial Government. Records have it that as a way of honoring the government for the gift of the Tower and Clock, the church always had the St Georges Flag mounted on the Tower.


This Tower & clock served the public and the church for a long period of over 75 years. Records have it that -it was destroyed sometime around 1937 in a lightening storm due to the heavy rains of that period which found way to the foundations of the Tower. It was during this time the third section of the New Cathedral Church was under construction and the architectural plans of the New Cathedral Tower, had to be re-designed to ensure a stronger structure that would withstand such lightening and Heavier downpours.

Today, the cathedral does not just have a beautiful tower that adds to its grandeur and looks, it most importantly, keeps busy streets of the CMS suburb of Lagos Marina abreast of time.