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The Lady Chapel
The Lady Chapel stands at the East- end of the Cathedral, behind the stalls of the Quire and just in front of the Conerstone Band. Its entrance is attached to the north transept of the nave and part of its outer windows overlook the grave of Late Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther- First African Bishop. This part of the church, forms a master piece of architechture in itself. History, has it that the building process of the cathedral started out at the site where the Lady Chapel stands today.

The foundation stone of the cathedral was laid on its outter walls  by Edward VIII of England at the period during which the First Section of the cathedral -which included the Quire, the Alter and the Chapel itself- was still under consruction. History also has it that its interior was designed by the - Late Sir Herbert Macauley. 

Admired greatly for its unique scerenity and beauty. Its East-Window stained-glass was donated to the memory of Mr & Mrs R.A.Wright and also Mr Folarin Agbebi and carries beautiful paintings of  The flight into Egypt, The Nativity of Christ, Christ's presentation in the temple, and also that of the Ethiopian Enunch. Today, it is mostly used for quiet services like: the Early Morning Communion and Said Evensongs and also for meetings & weekday thanksgiving services.

With its exquisite beauty, even the most unobservant visitor to the Cathedral would acknowlege its presence; but everyone may not have remarked how distinct it is from the rest of the Church. With its small altar, pews, and Piano, it would stand perfectly well by itself as a detached small church building.