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The following are available amongst many others at the bookstall.

  1. A selection of Heartsong romance and mystery novels.
  2. Powerful Prayers For Supernatural Results - how to pray like biblical heroes.
  3. Erasing Hell - what God said about eternity and the things we've made up.
  4. Bad Dads - 8 mistakes every every good dad can avoid.
  5. Start Here, Go Anywhere - making good choices, recovering from bad ones.
  6. The Snare- understanding emotional & sexual entanglement.
  7. Grace Is Not A Get Out Of Hell Free Card - setting the record straight about freedom, favour & true transformation.
  8. Crossing The Threshold Of Eternity - what the dying can teach the living.
  9. 7 Truths That Changed The World - discovering Christianity's most dangerous ideas.
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