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History (1951 - 2000)

1952 Jan to Feb. 1 Celebration of the First Centenary of the Preaching of the Gospel in Lagos.

1952 April Dedication of Pulpit Canopy donated by Chief W. N. Biney.

1952 June 24 Consecration of Bishop A. W. Howells MA, BD

1954 Jan. 30 Inauguration of the Diocese of Northern Nigeria.

1955 March 4 Archbishop Vinning died at Sea, buried in Freetown, Sierra Leone on March 5.

1955 June 24 Enthronement of Rt. Rev. A. W. Howells.

1955 October 4 Completion of Provost’s House, 2A, Odunlami Street, Lagos. Costing 5,006 pounds.

1956 Jan. 28 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 and Prince Phillip worshipped at the Cathedral.

1956 Nov. 20 Installation of Very Revd. F. O. Segun as Provost.

1962 June 29 Send-off for Mr. T. K. E. Phillips on retirement as Organist and Master of the Music after forty-eight years.

1963 Feb. 10 Inauguration of Fellowship meetings to bring provost and members together.

1963 March 8 Death of Bishop A. W. Howells.

November 30 Consecration of Bishop S. I. Kale

1963 December 1 Enthronement in the Cathedral of Bishop S. I. Kale.

1964 June 28 Centenary of Consecration of Bishop S. A. Crowther, Services with combined Choirs of all Churches in Lagos and Procession to his grave side.

1956 Jan. 4 Inauguration of Daily Morning Prayer at 6.30 a.m.

1966 April 20 Dedication of Manual Pipe Organ, 1932 rebuilt and modernized with 3,172 Pipes, 3 Electric Blowers, Rebuilt Pneumatic Action costing 10,000 pounds. The old Organ bought for 3,000 pounds cost only 2,000 pounds for repair during the 32 years service.

1967 Mar 28-Apr 28 Centenary Celebrations.

1970 April 25 Installation of Very Rev. S. H. A. Johnson as Provost.

Advent Sunday Commencement of Daily Eucharist.

1972 Visit of King's College Cambridge Choir.

1974 December 1974 December

Feb. 22 Enthronement of Bishop F. O. Segun as Bishop of Lagos Diocese.

1979 Feb. 24 Service of Inauguration of the Province of Nigeria held in the Cathedral.

Redecoration with Terrazo Flooring of the Church and Pews replaced with Chairs and Kneelers.

1983 April Inauguration of Healing Service.

1984 April Tithing commenced in the Cathedral

1984 Sept. Resuscitation of Mother's Union.

1985 July 20 Translation of Bishop Adetiloye to Lagos.

Sept. 29 Thanksgiving Service to mark the Completion of the First place of the Redecoration of the Cathedral

1986 Feb. Presentation of Vestry Meeting Reports and Statement of Accounts in folders arranged by the People's Warden, Chief S. A. Makinwa.

December 26 Enthronement of Bishop J. A. Adetiloye as Bishop of Lagos Diocese.

1988 April 14 th The Most Rev. J. A. Adptiloye elected 2nd Archbishop of Nigeria.

May Inauguration of Parish Award to members at the Celebration of the Cathedral Feast of Dedication.

1995 June 8 Installation of Very rev. (Dr.) Segun Okubadejo as the 4th Provost.

The introduction of Meditation “Though for the Week” by the Provost in the Weekly notices.

1996 Feb. 11 The Fellowship Hour, focusing on fellowship and Interaction with visitors and new members commenced. It is held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each Month.

1996 Iron Fencing of the Frontage at the Cathedral to stop the nuisance created by traders and destitutes.

1997 Printing of Vestry Meeting Annual Statement of Accounts and all relevant materials in a book form.

The Friday Prayer Meeting inaugurated. It holds at 5.00 p.m. in the Cathedral.

August First ever Family Harvest held in the Cathedral

The Cathedral Congregation took a notable part in the Carnival for Christ Organized by the Lagos Diocese. It won a prestigious prize.

The Printing of the Weekly notices on a new format was introduced.

1997 August 28 Mid Week Praise and Worship, Love Feast inaugurated. To be held monthly on the 1st and 4 th Wednesdays of each month.

1998 March 26 to 28 The Cathedral presented a four-day Power Revival.

1998 November 27 Send forth Ceremonies for Very Rev. (Dr.) Segun Okubadejo as Bishop of the newly created lbadan North Diocese.

1999 May 1 Ven. T. A. J. Oluwole assumed duty in the Cathedral as Provost.

1999 May 16 Launching of the Church Hall Project, The President designate, General Olusegun Obasanjo worshipped in the Cathedral.

1999 July 3 Institution, Induction and Installation of Very Rev. T. A. J. Oluwole as the 5th Provost.

Dec. 19 The Cathedral Send Off for the Bishop, The Most Rev. Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye.

1999 Dec. 27 Thanksgiving and Farewell Service in honour of the retired Bishop of Lagos, the Most Rev. Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye by the Lagos Diocese.
2000 March 20 The newly appointed Bishop of Lagos and Archbishop of Province one, the Most Revd. Ephraim Adebola-Ademowo arrived in Lagos.

March, 21 The Enthronement of the New Bishop of Lagos in the Cathedral.