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History (1867 - 1950)

1906 Resolution for " Inauguration of Province of West Africa. Approval of Constitution.

1913 Proposal for Construction of Christ Church as Pro-Cathedral.

1915 First holding of Carol Service.

1918 Nov. 23 Inauguration of Annual Choir Festival to be held on November 22nd, St. Cecilia's Day or nearest Sunday.

1920 July 26 Appeal for funds for Cathedral Building, Launching by Bishop Jones and others supported by Dr. Randal Cantauff, Archbishop of Canterbury in memory of Bishop Tugwell's Episcopate.

1920 October 3 Singing of the Apostle's Creed.

1920 October 20 Mass meeting at School Room to discuss Plan for a Cathedral Estimated at 20,000 pounds. Members of Building Committee appointed.

1921 Recommendation of the Synod for the formation of Province of West Africa following decision by Lambeth Conference.

Status of Christ Church raised to that of Pro-Cathedral.

1921 May 29 First Synod Thanksgiving Service.

1923 May Launching of the Pro-Cathedral Magazine, printed by Awoboh Press.

1923 Sept. 27 Acceptance of Government of responsibility for maintenance of the Tower Clock.

Jan. .20 Introducing of Christ Church Cathedral Magazine by Canon M. S. Cole, Vicar and Editor.

1924 August 6 Substitution of Humber Cycle for a Go Cart for us by the Vicar.

Inauguration of Cathedral Building Scheme.

1924 November 1 Cutting of the First Sod. Divine Service conducted by Bishop Jones.

April 21 Laying of the Foundation Stone of White Marble from New-Castle-On-Tyne by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.

1926 June 6 Ante-Communion Service sung by the Choir for the first time.

1929 June 4 Introduction of Cathedral System, Inauguration of Chapter and appointment of Dean. Canons. etc.

June 6 Parochial Committee changed to Standing Committee.

1932 Dedication by Bishop Melville Jones of 3-manual Pipe Organ with 1280 Pipes costing 3,000 pounds. Part of the Organ Panel showed list of subscribers of 10 pounds and over.

1933 Jan. 21 Approval of Status of the Cathedral.

Introduction by the Canon Residentiary of Duplex Envelopes Systems for Collection of Church dues.

July Construction of Pews designed by Chief Aina Onabolu, Artist, at 5 pounds each for use in the Cathedral.

1936 October, 7 Inauguration of Harvest Committee.

1937 March 1 Installation of Microphone.

1938 June 7 Abandonment of the Practice of Appointing Ladies as Sides Women

Nov. 1 Enthronement of Bishop L.G. Vinning by Bishop K W. Smith

1942 August 2 First Full Choral Communion.

October 28 Encouragement of the formation of Societies by the Standing Committee from among Cathedral members.

1943 May 5 Divine Services held in the School Room. owing to be Construction of t he Third Section. Appointment of Mrs.T. K. E. Phillips as the First Lady member of the Standing Committee.

1943 October 28 First Consecration of a Bishop (Rt. Rev. S. C. Phillips) in West Africa.

1943 December 6 Induction of Canon A. W. Howells as Canon Residentiary.

1946 April Decision by the Standing Committee regarding selection of Wardens and Sidesmen by ballot.

1946 May 22 Grant of 200 pounds by the Government towards Cathedral Building Fund.

1946 Dec. Inauguration of Cathedral Guild of Stewards.

1946 Sept. 10 Decision by Standing Committee to have accounts closed at December 31 annually and presented at the February meeting.

1947 November Inauguration of Cathedral Youth Fellowship.

1948 January 14 Introduction of Cathedral Magazine entitled "By The Lagoon" by Canon A. W. Howells

1949 March 3 First Adult Baptism ever in the Cathedral.

1950 Jan. 22 Oba Adele 11 of Lagos, a Muslim and his Chiefs worshipped at Mattinis.

1950 April 2 Dedication of Font presented by Sir Adeyemo Alakija in memory of his wife, Ayodele.

1950 April 15 Dedication of Children's Corner donated by Dr. & Mrs.H. A. Doherty in memory of their daughter who died in England.

March 26 Dedication in the Lady Chapel of Screen donated by Dr. 1. L. Oluwole and family in memory of Bishop and Mrs. Isaac Oluwole.

April 17 Inauguration in Freetown, Sierra-Leone of the Province of West Africa by Dr. G. Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. L. G. Winning elected as the first Archbishop.

August 19 Installation of Canon A. M. Howells as Provost

December 12 First Broadcast by the Choir on B.B.C. programme