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Daily Devotional
Posted on: Thu, Dec 07, 2017.

READING: Ephesians 6: 1- 9

Paul presents us with some hard facts of the ideal Christian home. First, that husbands and wives should be honoured by their children. Second, that children and servants in the home
obey their parents and not do eye service. Thirdly, It is the parents' responsibility to lay the foundation for a good and solid moral upbringing of their children, especially in their own
adult and godly life style. When Christian parents take time to train their children by their own life of obedience and service to Christ; they are able to produce a godly offspring.


Christian parents should have a family altar where they read, listen, teach the word of God and pray with their children and servants. This will help provide daily - the opportunity for everyone to practise and enjoy the presence of God. Christian parents should treat the servants and such others in their home with love and care as much as they do for their biological offspring and servants are enjoined to give loyal service as unto the Lord Jesus Christ, if they have themselves become Christians and so His subjects. One day He will return and give honour and reward accordingly.


PRAYER: Lord, grant me an ideal Christian home where I and my spouse, children, and servants will love, obey and serve You together. Amen.

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